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1 Stop Admin


We have partnered with Xelleron to develop a custom enterprise software system which can be leveraged to provide efficient management for a number of business styles. Offering the full range of services for your company from reception services, corporate administration, IT support, accounting services and operational management, 1 Stop Admin can support you to get your company running

Using custom developed workflows, 1 Stop Admin can develop workflows to efficiently process your business requirements

1 Stop Admin can help with all of your Reporting needs including Enterprise Reporting and Ad-Hoc Reporting.

1 Stop Admin can make sharing information, contacting members, gathering feedback, scheduling events, processing payments and much more, easy, using a Membership Management system.

Security is essential for all services offered by 1 Stop Admin. Our system provides a number of security focused features.

1 Stop Admin also offers customised services and solutions for Associations.  Offering Full Service or Outsourced Service.